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What is the Difference Between Pet Insurance & Pet Wellness Plans?

If you have a pet then you may be concerned about the cost of veterinary visits, whether it is urgent care or routine ongoing vet care. Today, our Hoquiam vets talk about the difference between pet insurance and our pet wellness plans and why you might consider either of these options. 

Providing Your Pet With Life-long Health

When taking your dog or cat to the vet's office, it’s important to understand which veterinary services are covered and not covered by pet insurance or wellness plans. Wellness plans and pet insurance policies both offer benefits, but they are very different in terms of the services they cover. 

What Are Pet Wellness Plans?

Wellness plans are used to help spread out the cost of routine care for your beloved pet over the year. These plans will outline what services are included in their cost.

Wellness plans allow you to adopt a more proactive approach to veterinary care by paying a small amount monthly, towards your pet's annual routine healthcare.

Wellness plans help vets to spot early signs of any health issues before they become more serious. 

What Care Can I Expect my Pet to Receive With Wellness Plans?

Typically, wellness plans cover routine veterinary care such as microchipping, dental care and vaccinations. Wellness plans allow you to spread the cost of your pet's routine preventive healthcare, helping you to maintain the standard of your pet’s health over their lifetime.  

What is Pet Insurance?

If your pet suddenly has an emergency situation then having pet insurance can help relieve the financial burden that you would otherwise be experiencing.

Emergency treatment or treatment for illnesses such as cancer or diabetes can quickly become expensive. Pet insurance helps you to pay the bills for conditions and accidents covered by your pet's insurance policy. 

What Will be Covered by Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance policies differ, but generally cover treatment for specific illnesses and emergency treatment required after an accident. Treatment of hereditary and congenital conditions, orthopedic conditions, and prescription medications are also covered by some pet insurance policies.

How To Decide Which Option Will be Best For Your Pet?

Some pet owners subscribe to both wellness plans and pet insurance in order to ensure that their pet has complete protection. Other pet owners opt for either a wellness plan or pet insurance based on their pet's needs. Speak to your vet for help deciding what coverage is best for your pet.

Ensuring your pet's ongoing safety and care with the help of pet insurance or pet wellness plans is incredibly important and can help relieve unnecessary stress. Contact our Hoquiam vets today to learn more about our pet wellness plans.

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